Some Examples of Robby's Work

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A Workshop PDF created for Roland Corp US. These product-specific booklets were designed as both pre-sales promotion and post-sales support publications. I wrote and designed over 100 of these downloadable publications.

This booklet explains MIDI, a vitally important technology for electronic musical instruments and digital recording. Originally created for Roland, it has been adopted as the official introductory publication of the MIDI Manufacturer's Association. I wrote and designed this booklet.

The Owner's Manual for Intelligent Devices' ID•EA speech extraction system. I wrote and designed this reference manual.


I wrote the Owner's Manual for  PreSonus' Monitor Station v2.

More examples are
available on request.
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You and Your Great Product

You've got an awesome new product. It's got killer features that should make it a huge success, but you've got to find a way to make sure that everyone who tries them gets as excited about your product as you are.

What you need is documentation that helps make your customers happier every time they use your product. With my years of experience de-mystifying  technology for non-technical users, I've demonstrated my ability to get this job done.

It Starts on the Inside

When your company deploys new tools internally, everyone needs to master them quickly to start seeing the desired results. Clear, confidence-building internal documentation and eLearning can ensure that everyone gets the training they need without the expense of time-consuming personal instruction. I can get your team up to speed efficiently and effectively.

Why Written Documentation Still Matters

Is it better to  learn from a video or by reading? Research suggests the answer is "both," since one reinforces the other, and the learner processes the information they present in different ways. Here are a couple of interesting studies about this:

In addition, written instructional material has a few special advantages:

  • While video is great for broad-stroke instruction, written documentation can accommodate the finest level of product detail.
  • With text, it's easy to go back and revisit something, and electronic documentation is searchable.
  • Electronic written documentation  is much less expensive to produce than video, and can be turned around and updated far more quickly.